Wednesday 12 August 2015

Hydrus - Midnight In Space (1978)

The one and only album from this very obscure Italian band.

The band is so unknown that the members of the band has been lost forever. The royalties goes to the Italian taxman, then. If the record label pays royalties, that is. 

I am on very thin ice here because this is an electronic prog release. You will not see me review many of those albums. But it is nice to get some new impulses now and then. 

This is a forty minutes long album with a lineup of electronics and even more electronics. I am a bit surprised how organic this album feels though and I suspect some genuine instruments are involved here. 

Even the melodies here are pretty decent. Not good, but decent. This album is one of the classic ones in this genre and I can understand why. This is a decent album I am not really able to connect with. It is simply too ambient and fragmented for my liking.

2 points

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