Sunday 7 September 2014

Yurt - Archipelagog (2011)

The second album from this Irish band.

I was not too fond of their 2009 debut album Ege Artemis Yurtum. Too unfinished and unpolished. And that says a lot for a dirty sounding experimental metal album. I am therefore pleased to report that the band has polished and refined their sound and music a lot on the follow up album.

Take a big slice of stoner, space rock, some electronic krautrock, a great deal of experimental metal, some avant-garde, some hardcore and some punk. That gives you this album. The sound is polished dirty and raw. It has exactly the sound their album requires. The music feels a lot fresh and innovative for me who mostly deals with 1970s progressive rock and jazz. See the other reviews and you get my drift. This album therefore comes across as rather alien to me.

Despite of that, I really like this album. It has some good melody lines and interesting details. The dirty space rock also appeals a great deal to me. It also appeals a great deal to a Black Sabbath fan too. I think Yurt has got a good blend of various spices and I am happy to report that the band is still alive and well too. Let us hear more from this band. This is a good album and a free download too. See link below.

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