Saturday 20 September 2014

Lineateorica - Lineateorica (2014)

The first sign of life, an EP, from this Italian band.

This band from Rome is is fairly and squarely an Italian progressive rock band. Their sound is very contemporary and not particular retro. It is still prog rock we are talking about here.

The band use flutes, guitars, bass, drums and Italian vocals here. No keyboards and that means the music is pretty heavy. Not as in hard rock, but still pretty heavy.

This twenty-five minutes long EP is divided into four tracks. All of them pretty interesting and good. There is a lot of interesting details here. The flute adds a lot of pastoral elegance to the music. Ditto for the very good vocals.

The end result is a very promising debut and one which marks this band out as a promising prospect. There is no great songs here. Nevertheless, this is a good EP.

3 points

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