Saturday 6 September 2014

Pell Mell - Rhapsody (1975)

The third album from this German band.

Symphonic prog is the order of the day here. The band has taken classical work from Liszt and Rachmaninoff and make them their own on this forty minutes long album. That means plenty of organs and keyboards on this album. That and strings, guitars, bass, percussions, drums and vocals.

Listz and Rachmaninoff is pretty different composers and I suspect that I like the latter one's much heavier melancholic music. So for this album too. I like the more melancholic pieces best. The music is pretty much in the ELP and Triumvirat vein with a large dosage of Pell Mell themselves. Add some krautrock too and you get my drift.

The music is very heavy organ laden which makes my day and everyone else into church organs day. I really like baroque church organs. The guitar solos adds some more melancholy to the proceedings too.
The more Liszt pieces is not on par with the Rachmaninoff pieces. Nevertheless, this is a very good album which I really enjoy. Check it out if you can.

3.5 points

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