Monday 29 September 2014

Perdio - A Robert (1998)

The comeback album from this Italian band after 20 years of silence.

Perdio is an Italian prog band from the 1970s who never got a record contract. They were there abouts but never a recording artist between 1970 and approx 1975. Then the lack of success meant they split up before they reformed in the 1990s. The end result was this album.

There is no prog rock on this album, though. Soft rock with Italian vocals and a wide variety of soft rock and popular music is what we get here. There is clearly a great deal of references to Italian pop music here. Pop music from the 1970s. There are also one decent song here; Caroline. There is also some really cringe worthy stuff here.

These forty-five minutes is mostly no fun at all. I cringe more than I should, according to my local doctor. The vocals are great. But the music is really bad. If soft rock and Italian pop is your thing; please get this album. An album which is a true turkey and a member of my turkey yard. There is some turkeys in my turkey yard. This is one of them.

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