Friday 12 September 2014

Kungens Man - Transportkatalogen (2013)

To my knowledge, this is the debut album from this Swedish band.

I am not sure what to label this fifty three minutes long album as. Very probably krautrock. Yes, it is krautrock indeed. It is too weak and pedestrian to be labeled as a space rock album.

This album is very much at the spaced out end of the krautrock spectrum. Take guitars, lots of bass, drums and some samples and keyboards. That is what you get here. Or drone krautrock as they have labeled their music as. I just found their Bandcamp page and they have released an album every month since November 2013. Oh, dear God ! I am perhaps going to review some more of their albums....... or perhaps not.

The music here is pretty softly spoken. There is no walls of sound and no mad, loud guitar runs. It is a mix of drone and proper krautrock. It is all very pedestrian.

The quality of the material, four long tracks, is pretty good. Good, in fact. It appeals a great deal to a krautrock fan like myself. I am not so happy about the drone thing though. A bit more "action" would not have gone amiss here. Nevertheless; it is a good album under the "name your price" offer from Bandcamp.
You cannot go much wrong with that.

3 points

The album 

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