Sunday 31 August 2014

Toxic Smile - 7 (2013)

The fourth album from these Germans and my first ever meeting with them.

Toxic Smile released their first album fourteen years ago. They are also listed as progressive metal in ProgArchives and other places. That may be true for their first three albums. On 7, they are more in the generic rock and prog rock genre. Well, perhaps at the more softer end of the prog metal spectrum. What sets the band apart from the rest of this scene is their very effective use of saxophones. That and some violins. This comes in addition to the keyboards, vocals, guitars, bass and drums setup.

The vocals are really good. The guitar sound very generic with a lot of chugging. Ditto for the bass and drums. The use of some Hammond organs and saxophones freshens up the sound a lot. The sound is also good.

The songs are not that really great though and does not really makes an impact at all. Saxophones apart, this is a pretty generic album in this genre. I am not won over at all. It is another album between decent and good in my estimation.

2.5 points

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