Tuesday 19 August 2014

Hannibal - Hannibal (1970)

The one and only album from this UK band, I believe. My problem is that there is very few information on this band available. If anyone knows anything more, please let me know.

Hannibal operated in the bluesy jazz genre. A lot of blues with some jazz, psychedelic and funk in addition to the blues. There is a lot of woodwinds, guitars, bass, drums and bluesy vocals here.

The cover artwork is great and promises a tour into outer space. A broken promise, I am afraid. There are some avant-garde here. But Hannibal keeps us grounded to mother earth. When that is said, this album has some good stuff though. It also has some less good stuff too. The vocals is one of the better things here. The drummer is also very busy. Ditto for the bassist. I am not happy about the woodwinds, though. The sounds a bit generic to me.

Fans of the early 1970s blues and jazz should lap up this album. I am not won over and would put it somewhere between decent and good.

2.5 points

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