Monday 25 August 2014

Syndone - Odysséas (2014)

The fifth album from Nik Comoglio's band Syndone.

Syndone is from Italy and it is one of the better bands in this new Italian progressive rock scene. On this album, the band has also incorporated a lot of other music styles without leaving he Italian progressive rock scene behind them. It is still Italian prog rock. The addition of jazz and folk rock is still very visible. That and some more classical pop music. There are also some big band jazz music here.

The amount of instruments here are not that great though. Vibraphone, keyboards, drums, flute and vocals. But Nik and Syndone still get the best out of these instruments and creates a great soundscape. One of the better I have heard for a long time. I am impressed.

Riccardo Ruggeri's vocals is great. The vibraphone reminds me a lot about the happy days with Pierre Moerlin and Gong. Great, great vibraphone playing from Fransesco Pinetti. Nik on keyboards does his best ever job on this album.

The best thing about this album is the songs, though. A bit over the top sometimes, but still oozing with passion and playful joy. The melodies are mostly great to superb. A killer track is missing. But their mix of jazz, folk rock, symphonic prog and Italian pop music is perfect and there is a lot of great details here. The lack of a killer track is minus half a point from a perfect score. Get this album !!!

4.5 points

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