Saturday 16 August 2014

Alex Maguire Sextet - Brewed In Belgium (2008)

This is a live album from this British keyboardist, recorded in Belgium. This album was released through MoonJune Records.

Alex Maguire is also a member of the new and exciting fusion band The Wrong Object. I have reviewed at least one of their albums. He has got three of their five members as musicians on this live album. An album which is 4/5 of The Wrong Object.

I am not particular familiar with jazz so I am not able to determine of this is bop, post-bop or whatever. I just label this as jazz. No less, no more. The album starts out with a keyboards solo and is joined by saxophone, bass, flugelhorn, trumpet, drums and guitars too. Michel Delville does the guitars and I do not know the other participants here. Yes, I am both lazy and ignorant.

The result is an hour with good jazz who even an outsider finds enjoyable. It is much more introvert jazz with some intricate solos and some avant-garde stuff instead of pretty open landscape jazz. This album is still too dense jazz for me, but I like what I hear and is taking this as another lesson in my very likely journey from being a rock and metal fan to become a jazzhead in some years time. This is a good album in my ears.

3 points

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