Sunday 3 August 2014

Holy Mountain - Ancient Astronauts (2014)

The debut album from this Glaswegian band, Scotland. That is from my local area, yes. Or to be precise, 10 km away.

The band name and album title gives the game away. We are somewhere in the space. Or in this case, somewhere between stoner and space. Take a large slice from both Hawkwind and Black Sabbath. Then you get this album. That is the easy, short review of this album.

The sound is sufficiently dirty and muddy to make it a good spaced out exploration. The guitar solos shines through the mud to make it interesting enough. The vocals is also in the stoner tradition. It reminds me about Trouble. The bass and drums is driving the music forward though. They both creates as big, thick wall.

The end result is a refreshingly short album where everyone else is kicking around the 80 minutes barrier. Holy Mountain keep it to 36 minutes. Long enough to get the message across. This is therefore a good album I enjoy in small dosages, but not all around the day. Add this band to the other UK bands in this scene and get them on the road.

3 points

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