Sunday 6 December 2015

Iconoclasta - Movilidad (2013)

The eleventh and so far last album from this Mexican band.

The band released their debut album back in 1983 and that was a promising album. Promise not entirely fulfilled, I have to conclude.

The band is now a quartet with a lineup of bass, keyboards, drums, guitars and female vocals. They have scaled back to a more manageable lineup.

The music is still in a bit of a noman's land. Take some metal, folk, Latin-American jazz and progressive rock and mix it together. There are even some hints of zeuhl on this forty minutes long album. All of this music is pretty light-weight and not particular complex. The bass is pretty much on the forefront too. A very good bass, but I am not sure why this is so prominent in the mix. It does not make sense. 

The female vocals are not that great and the music is not particular good. I am not sure what this band is doing at all. This is a decent to good album with some positives.

2.5 points

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