Wednesday 3 June 2015

Van Der Graaf Generator - The Quiet Zone / The Pleasure Dome (1977)

The eight album from these English legends and the final one for a long, long time. 28 years to be more precise.

Van Der Graaf Generator is as much loved by the punk rockers as by the prog rockers. Something I can understand. 

OK, that side track aside, the band was a four piece here with David Jackson guesting on his saxophone. The band also consisted of a violinist and viola player in the form of Graham Smith. That in addition to Peter Hammil, Guy Evans and Nic Potter.

This album is just over forty minutes long and consists of nine songs. None of them are great and I would go so far to say that the band is not much loved just because of this album. Of their 1970s albums, this is their weakest album. 

There is no bad songs here. The album is just meandering and is offering up nine good songs. And that is all. The violins is giving the album a bit of a good punch. And that is the best I can say about an album which is rather dull and uninspired. It is most certainly uninspiring. 

3 points

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