Sunday 21 June 2015

Sorrenti. Alan - Di Notte (1980)

The sixth album from this Italian artist.

Alan Sorrenti's debut album Aria is supposed to be a very good album. I have just purchased it and I really hope so. And I hope it is a really good Italian prog rock album too. 

Alan Sorrenti had found a lot of local fame and fortune with his appearance in the annual European Melody festival. A festival known for it's outright terrible music and Euro pop. He had also had a major hit single taken from the 1979 album, LA & NY. 

The LA & NY album was a predominant disco album. There is a lot of disco on this album too. There is also a lot Italian and Euro pop on this album too. Music with a lot of slick vocals and strings. So slick that it includes all of Italy's annual use of grease and oil based products. 

The result is a turkey of an album. Something the cover more than alludes too. This album is as bad as they comes. It is one of the worst record label released albums I have ever heard and that says something. Avoid at all cost.

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