Friday, 7 March 2014

Warm Digits - Interchange (2013)

The second album from Warm Digits, the krautrock band from Newcastle or thereabouts in England.

Their Keep Warm was a good krautrock album and the band established themselves as a part of the neo-krautrock scene. More or less, that is. It is us reviewers who comes up with ideas like that. I think the band would fret and hiss a lot this label.

Anyway..... us losers aside....  The band has moved away the krautrock sound and more into a whatever they call electronic music these days. I am far too old for this. But hard beats electronica it is. Electronica with good melodies too. Not only this thump-thump-thump thingy I am not that happy about. There are some of that too and that makes me less happy. There are some good melodies and I cherish them.

The end result is a good album a bit far away from my regular musical path. I would still recommend it. Check out all tracks and videos on Youtube or their homepage.

3 points


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