Saturday, 15 March 2014

Ethos - Ardour (1975)

The debut album from this US band.

Ethos was a symphonic prog band who did not really become as big as the likes of Kansas or as a sought after cult group as Cathedral. Their music is perhaps the reason why. It usually is.

Ardour is a forty-five minutes plus album which takes in the likes of Genesis, King Crimson, Kansas and a bit fusion and folk rock. Ardeur is an American prog fusion of all those above. The music is performed with keyboards, Melotron, guitars, strings, bass, drums and a lot of vocals. The sound is great.

The music is also based on vocal harmonies a lot and has some cinematic influences. The keyboards is a bit too slick for my liking. The music has a lot of details though. Interesting details. What is letting this album down is that the music is a bit too bland and is lacking a bit bite and substance. Besides of that, I still think this band deserve somewhat more respect and attention as this is a good album. I would recommend visiting Youtube and a record shop to check out this band.

3 points

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