Thursday 8 November 2012

Uovo Di Colombo. L - L'Uovo Di Colombo (1973)

Another Italian symph prog band with one album only and then decades of obscurity. Not much is known about this band.

It is fair to claim that this band had been listening to the first three ELP albums before they recorded this album. The music is keyboards driven. The keyboards sounds like Keith Emersons. The sound is good. They have added a large lump of Italian flavour to this music though. That include Italian vocals and some Italian hard rock. There are also surprisingly a lot of guitars on this album too. That makes this album a very dynamic album and a very Italian album.

The quality is good throughout. Good as in pleasing for ELP and symph prog fans. It is a great shame that this is their only album. I would had loved to hear more of the same, please.

3 points

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