Saturday, 17 November 2012

Abiotic - Symbiosis (2012)

For some reason of stupidity, I volunteered to review this debut album from this new bright hope in the Florida death metal scene.

It soon dawned on my why I find death metal dead boring. Abiotic though have added a lot of power metal structures into their brand of death metal. The vocals are ultra-brutal death grunts. The solo guitarist lives his own life under and above the song structures. The bass and drums are on the grindcore end of the death metal spectrum. This is not the type of death metal I would label Florida death metal. This is more a mix of nu-metal and death metal.

I have to admit I find this album not to my liking and find it almost impossible to add any points. If you are twenty years younger than me and has not got an overdose on death metal as I have, you may love this album. I don't and find this a waste of my time. Two points because this music is not horrible and the band knows their stuff.

2 points

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