Monday 19 November 2012

Neom - Arkana Temporis (2009)

The debut album from this French band.

Neom is heavy influenced by the likes of Magma and a very welcome addition to the small zeuhl scene/genre. The smallest music genre in today's world. But there is quality here instead of qauntity.

Arkana Temporis is in the more jazzy end of the Magma spectrum. The music here is not hardcore orchestral zeuhl. The instrumentation is slightly softer and less than the full infernal wall to wall sound. The most important zeuhl ingredients is still here, though. The Rhodes bass and keyboards, the female and male chanting vocals, the woodwinds, the frantic drums, the guitars.... everything that makes zeuhl great. All this on the jazzy side which creates a great synergy.

The overall quality is very good to great. No really great songs here. But as an unrepentant zeuhl fan, I like what I hear. This is my food and Arkana Temporis is a great album. I am not sure if Neom is still alive. If they are, please give us another album like this.

4 points

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