Friday 23 November 2012

Alphataurus - Attosecondo (2012)

Their second real studio album after their great 1973 self titled debut and a half baked very poor demo album (Dietro l'Uragano) released the same year. That and a live album released earlier this year. Alphataurus is back again and has played a lot of gigs and is planning to do even more gigs. This for the sheer fun of it. Something I really applaud !

There is nothing half baked and half-hearted about this album though. I forgot to mention that this band is from Italy and RPI is their music. Good Italian symphonic prog. This album is a typical Italian symphonic prog album. An album that goes to the heart of this genre. Very passionate Italian vocals. Plenty of excellent keyboards. A great Italian feel. A lot of ELP and Johan Sebastian Bach adulations, a lot of harder rock, a lot of Italian pop and folk music influences. A lot of great melodies. A lot of human warmth. A lot of high quality playing. This album really goes to the heart of the RPI, or to use the long name, the Rock Progressivo Italiano genre. And it proves the point that this genre really is worth lending your ears to.

I am sure the band has had a lot of great fun and a spring in their steps when recording this album. The fun aside, this is a great album too. All songs are really great and proves that there is life yet in the old bands too. The Rock Progressivo Italiano genre and it's fans very much welcome back Alphataurus. It very much welcome this album, one of this year's better albums in this genre. Listen to it in awe.

4 points

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