Tuesday 6 November 2012

Court - Twenty Flying Kings (2012)

The new album from this Italian band and their fourth overall.

Court tries to sound as if they comes from New York or any US town. Their take on prog rock is nowhere near Italian prog rock. Court does a blend of US symph prog, americana and art rock. They continues what they have been doing since their first album.

Two long 15 minutes plus epics are included here together with some rather shorter songs. The music is performed with keyboards, vocals, guitars, bass, woodwinds, mandolin and drums. The sound is pretty organic and americana like. A blend of English symph prog and americana is what the music sounds like.

The quality is good throughout. This is an album that requires a lot of time and effort. Which I have given it. I am still not on the top of it. This album lacks some vital ingredients like great melodies and melody lines. The two long epics sounds a bit unhinged. The shorter songs does not hit home either. Purchase this album if you like a real challenge. I give it a weak good rating.

3 points

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