Monday 13 August 2012

Underground Communication Centre - Aporia (2012)

Hmm.... It has taken me a lot to be convinced this is not the new Ahleuchatistas album or that any of the Ahleuchatistas members is involved in this Mexican band. Actually, I would not be surprised to learn if there is a connection here.

Aporia is the debut album from Underground Communication Centre. The music is experiemental, hyper bass driven disharmonic avant-garde math rock. There is hardly any melodies here. The music is entirely rhythm driven.

The music on Aporia is pretty good throughout. I still think Aporia are not in the same league as the first four  Ahleuchatistas which is the genre setting albums. But they are not far off and Aporia is a refreshing album in a my record collection. I will give this band a second chance.

2.5 points 

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