Friday 10 August 2012

Eloy - Power And The Passion (1975)

This is their fourth album and Eloy has found their style. A pretty unique style somewhere space, symph and krautrock. Eloy is an arch typical German rock band.

Power And The Passion is an album with a lot of everything. Melodic melody lines in the English symph prog tradition. A lot of space rock and some krautrock work outs too. There are also some pretty cheesy pop melody lines here too.

The Hammond organ sound is very rich and satisfying throughout this album. The heavy accented English vocals is very charming and suited for this rather naive music. Naive and innocent is what this music is. There is a heavy flower power smell over this album. A German version of flower power as strong as the one in San Fransisco and the US west coast. This is what I really like about this band.

There is a lot of really great songs on this album and it is the best Eloy album I have heard so far. The best thing about this album is it's ambience and the symphonic spaced out sound. This is a great album and a good start off point for those who want to get into this band.

4 points


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