Saturday 4 August 2012

Kosmoratik - Gravitation (2012)

Kosmoratik is a new Oslo based Norwegian trio and Gravitation is their debut album. None of the members are spring chickens though.

The music too is pretty mature. References are the likes of Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Caravan, indie pop and cool jazz. The vocals is both male and female. There is a lot of half-acoustic jazz guitars and keyboards here. Ditto for male and female vocal harmonies. The bass and drums is also pretty jazzy. There is also a lot of Gilmour era Pink Floyd references here. I also get some faint Gazpacho vibes here.

The sound is excellent breezy cool. The songs are all very good. My main gripe is the lack of one great song or more. The band and this album is sailing very close to being great. But they are not quite there yet. This band has something going on and I really hope we will hear a lot more from them. Keep up your good work, guys.

3.5 points

The band homepage

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