Saturday, 4 August 2012

King Crimson - Starless And Bible Black (1974)

Two days ago, I was asked which King Crimson albums I would recommend. My answer was all studio albums + as many live albums you could get hold of. That is what I have done. Purchased every KC albums I could get hold of. With good reasons, I have to add. I rate KC very highly (surprise !).

Starless And Bible Black is their sixth album and not the most prolific one of the seven albums Mk I setup (who ended with Red). It has all the KC quirkyness though with a mix of avant garde RIO like melodies, some quirky rhythm fests and some more accessible songs. Great songs like The Night Watch, the title track and the opening track, the slightly bewildering The Grand Deceiver. Not everything here is fantastic. This album is a captivating album though. "Captivating" is Robert Fripp and KC's trademark, btw.

I am fascinated by this band and Starless And Bible Black fuels my fascination. This is music for my brain... and sometimes my heart too. A great album.

4 points

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