Saturday 11 August 2012

Horror of Horrors - Sounds of Eerie (1994)

This album was given to me by one of the greats in the death metal scene because he thought this album was rubbish. So I was a worthy owner of this album, then. I picked it up again after finding it during some house cleaning in my office. It was hidden away together with some Japanese zeuhl albums.

Horror of Horrors was a third rate death metal back in those days and never really got commercial success in the death metal scene. They were mostly overlooked throughout their three albums long career (Sounds Of Eerie were their debut album, btw). I can understand why they were ignored when listening to this album. The music is standard death metal without really being that brutal or technical. The sound is good though. This album is just a heavy slab of death metal. Just that.

I kind of like this music though and this album is not that bad. I have heard far worse death metal albums than this. I would not use the words interesting or exciting on this album, though. In small dosages, this music is OK. I award it a weak decent album status.

2 points

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