Wednesday 22 August 2012

Sula Bassana - Dark Days (2012)

Sula Bassana is Dave Schmidt's solo project. He is involved in some other German space rock projects too. Dark Days is the fifth Sula Bassana album.

Space rock in the vein of Hawkwind is what we get treated to here. Very dense space rock jams with plenty of keyboards, guitars, bass and drums. A seventy minutes long excursion to outer space, no less. I don't have to say anything more, really. Album track titles like Surrealistic Journey explains everything about this album.

The sound is excellent. Ditto for the musicianship. The average track/journey length is elleven minutes. The first five tracks is good hard core space rock. The final track Arriving Nowhere is starting out as a raga rock track before it offers up a sublime space journey. It is the best track here by many miles.

Dark Days is a very good space rock album and space rock fans should really get this album. I am not entirely won over. It is still a very good album, though.

3.5 points

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