Wednesday 8 August 2012

Cico - Notte (1974)

Cico is a one off album from Formula 3's drummer Tony Cicco. I picked it up from a local flea market because of the cover and the Italian text on the LP. I was pretty enthusiastic about finding what I thought was a hidden Italian prog rock gem.

I could not have been proven more wrong, though. The music is Italian pop rock with some space and hard rock included too. There are also some toe curling ballads on this album too. Hit singles, I presume. They sounds pretty horrid anno 2012. Forget "pretty horrid". They are horrid. Most horrid. The rest of the songs are not much better, either. The strings arrangements is horrid. The vocals are good. The rest of the instruments are pretty bad, too. A hidden Italian prog rock gem, this album is not. It is an Italian pop rock album which sounds outdated and pretty horrid. Don't be fooled by the excellent art work. Avoid this album.

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