Sunday 29 July 2012

Nemo - Presages (2003)

The second album from this French eclectic art rock band.

Nemo is by no means an easy listening band. Their music and sound is both huge, eclectic and very complex. Sixty-four minutes with this album is a bit of a trial.

Presages is a very French album with the typical eccentric French approach to art and prog rock. In this respect, it is in the Ange mould. But it is so much more than that. This album is incorporating everything from jazz to metal and symphonic prog. Herein lays it's problems too. It is simply a too big mouthful and it's concept is lacking a concept. It feels a bit of a mess, to be frank.

When that is said, most of the music here is very good. A bit bewildering, but still very good. Hence my rating. I may get used to Nemo now. Presages is my first exposure to them. So far, so good. But not more than that.

3 points

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