Saturday 7 July 2012

Brutality - In Mourning (1996)

The third album from this death metal band from Florida.

The Florida death metal scene in and around the Morrisound Studio with Scott Burns as the producer has been much derided in the aftermath of the black metal onslaught. There was some really dubious albums released by bands who was jumping on the "Scott Burns produced albums" band wagon. The result was the implosion of the scene. In public, that is. Black metal became the fashion and the death metal scene retreated to the underground again where it has been pretty healthy throughout.

In Mourning was released in the aftermath of the implosion of the mainstream death metal scene and neither this album or Brutality really got the attention they deserved. Which is a pity because Brutality was a really good band.

In Mourning is a good death metal band in the mid paced tradition. Not overly technical, but on the brutal end of the scene. There is no death growls here either. The vocals is more in the hard core tradition. The music is death metal through and through.

There are no really great or even good songs here. But this album is an enjoyable listen and well worth checking out if you are a die hard death metal fan. Which I am no longer, I am afraid. I like the music here in small dosages though. This is a decent to good album in the overall picture and one of the better death metal albums I have reviewed for this review blog.

2.5 points

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