Tuesday 10 July 2012

Ga'an - Ga'an (2009)

Ga'an is something as rare as a new zeuhl band and they are from USA too. Chicago, to be more precise. I find it strange that the zeuhl genre has any more recruitment than it has. The post rock genre is over populated and so is the other genres too. Dipping into the zeuhl genre should be ideal for new bands. It is probably the smallest music genre there is. Even smaller than Mongolian sheep & goat chanting, I believe.

Ga'an is combining electronica and zeuhl on this, their debut album. Female vocals with no spoken words are on the top. These vocals is very zeuhl and Magma like. The instrumentation is a mix of electronica and zeuhl performed with mostly synths, a rampant bass and dynamic drums. The music is mostly zeuhl, it has to be said.

The result is an enchanting album with a lot of good vibes. Unfortunate, it is a bit too one-dimentional and toothless for my liking. A bit more bite would had been great. But this is still a very good album and a great addition to the zeuhl genre. I am really looking forward to listen to their second album too.

3.5 points

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