Tuesday 3 July 2012

Dik Dik. I - I Grandi Successi (2005)

A compilation album with old and new songs from this Italian pop/beat combo.

This band has been around since 1964 or there about. Mostly with the same members. They have even released some good albums too, I have heard.

This compilation album is a mix of beat and pop tunes. Most of them cover versions and reworked versions of English tunes where the original lyrics has been replaced with Italian lyrics. We get Joe Cocker, Procol Harum and other songs here with Italian lyrics.

The result proves that I should be a bit more restrictive in my purchases from the local flee markets. This is an album I should have left to the local Italian community to enjoy instead. Which I will do at the next flee market. This is as far as my personal preferences in music it is possible to get. This is a painful album.

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