Wednesday 12 October 2016

Dream The Electric Sleep - Lost And Gone Forever (2011)

The debut album from this US band.

Dream The Electric Sleep is a trio from Lexington, Kentucky. And I have no idea what that band name means. Anyway, their lineup is drums, bass, guitars and vocals. Male vocals.

This band is among the new breed of US progressive rock bands. The ones taking over from Kansas and those bands. Well, there has never been that many traditional progressive rock bands from USA.

Dream The Electric Sleep is not a traditional progressive rock band either. It is with a bit trepidations I am reviewing their three albums. The band are still alive, I guess. So more albums will surely follow.

But back to Lost And Gone Forever.

I am not sure what the band thought about themselves on this almost eighty minutes self-released album. An album they do not regard as their debut album. More of a collection of earlier material, I guess. But I am still reviewing it.

This album covers a multitude of genres and styles. From more traditional progressive rock in the Pink Floyd and Yes mould to more AOR, classic rock, hard rock and grunge. There is a lot of Pearl Jam not so well hidden in this album. Soundgarden is also well represented.

A mixed bag in other words and a bit of a frustrating listening experience. The quality is not particular good either. But I am not giving up on this band. It is well worth checking out, this album.

2 points


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