Saturday 3 January 2015

Quintorigo - English Garden (2011)

The seventh album from this Italian band and my first ever meeting with their music.

In short, I know nothing about their music. They are listed as a Rock In Opposition/Avant-Garde band in ProgArchives, my main source of band info. 

And a bit avant-garde they are. They are also a chamber orchestra with saxophone, cello, violin, double bass and both male and female vocals. The vocals are in English. This sets us up for quite a ride....

... which is far less avant-garde than I expected. Take normal rock with some punk folk'ish attitude and do it with a chamber orchestra. Then you get this album. An album with a fitting title and art cover, btw.

The result is still weird. It is also a very English album with all it's history, eccentricity and weirdness. The sax and the vocals together with the cello weaves some good melodies around this theme. Some of the songs are pretty normal rock. Others has something more to offer than rock'n'roll.

The end result is a good album from a band I should investigate more. I would recommend this album.

3 points

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