Saturday 17 January 2015

Greylevel - Hypostatic Union (2011)

The second and most recent album from this Canadian five piece band.

Their debut album Opus One from 2006 set the tone. Spacey progressive rock. The band re-emerged five years later as a tad harder band. 

We still got the spacey epic rock here. But it is much more in the Katatonia and Porcupine Tree vein. The sound is a lot more edgier. We still get a good combination of keyboards, guitars, bass, vocals and drums here. 

With those instruments, they creates a bit of a wall of sound which at times is unrelenting hard and massive. We also get some more pastoral melodies here. 

There are no really good songs here and I am by no means a fan of this type of music. Hence my rating of this album. An album which will suit the fans of the above mentioned bands a lot better than me.

2.5 points 

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