Saturday 17 January 2015

Guerra delle Formiche. La - La Guerra delle Formiche (2006)

The debut and so far only album from this Italian band.

La Guerra Delle Formiche is/was a four piece band on this album. That means Italian vocals, drums, keyboards, bass and guitars. 

And no, this is not a run of the mill Italian prog rock album. Not in the traditional sense. The music here is a mix of folk rock, punk, eclectic prog, avant-garde, symph prog and psychedelic rock. This does not make an easy-listening album. 

Indeed, this is not a melodic easy-listening album at all. The guitars are pretty distorted and punk'ish. The bass and drums are rumbling along with this theme. The melodies are pretty weird too.

I wish some good music had been the result of all this. Unfortunate, this is not the case. This half an hour long album, including a hidden track, is a decent enough album. It does not hold my interest for long as I have heard a lot of music like this before........ done better by other bands. This is a decent enough album and that is it.

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  1. Hey, thank you for your review! I'm the author of this album and the only producer and player in most cases. I did all by myself, with the help of some friends, something like 10 years ago. I was just a child and now I know very well it was weak in many ways. But as you say, now I think it was decent for a debut album of a child. So thank you again for your review: I find it very honest. The project is not dead until I keep playing, but I have played in other bands in the last 10 years. I think someday I will write something new with this solo-project. Bye! :) Carlo

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