Saturday 3 January 2015

Greylevel - Opus One (2006)

The debut album from this Canadian band.

Canada is known for a lot of music genres. Psychedelic rock is not one of them. But that is what we get here. 

This three piece band offers up an hour with both female and male vocals, keyboards, guitars, bass and drums. The guitars is mostly acoustic though. The electric guitars is only used for long guitar solos. This album speaks in a low volume and there is no grandeur music here. Take a lot of dream pop, new age, ambient + psychedelic rock. Then you get this album. An album which is very much bordering to post rock too. Post rock fans will really like this album.

I quite like this album. The vocals and everything here is good. It does not have any great songs or tunes. It nevertheless ticks over quite nicely and it has got a good ambience. It is a good album, well worth checking out.

3 points 

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