Friday 10 October 2014

Panic Room - Incarnate (2014)

The fourth album from this English band.

This band, most of the Karnataka line-up from their 2003 album Delicate Flame Of Desire plus the ex Mostly Autumn vocalist Ann-Marie Helder, has kept on going with album releases every second year. They have slowly but surely become one of the most popular, if not the most popular female fronted new prog rock bands in England.... if not the rest of the world too.

It is easy to understand why. Great, catchy songs with Ann-Marie Helder's vocals on the top of them. She is not in the same class as the best female vocalists out there. That is not the point either. Her vocals is very enticing and in the Corrs mould of vocals. Very commercial and very seductive. I am seduced.

The music behind all this seduction is based on catchy and not too overly complicated songs. I have mentioned Corrs here. Maybe I should mention Mostly Autumn too. Or maybe not. Panic Room is most certainly one of the most commercial female fronted prog rock bands around. The songs are bordering to pop at times. With a big record company behind them, we would had been talking a hit album here. Maybe if this album is re-released by one of them and we turn our clocks back to 1995, Incarnate would be a multi-million selling album.

But we are in 2014 where everything has collapsed, including good taste too. My only gripe with this album is the lack of some great details and brainfood on this album. It is sugary as in pure sugar. Which is good for a short while, but my body need more than sugar to survive.

When that is said, there are a couple of great songs here and this album is one of the better ones from this scene. It is indeed a very good album which I would recommend without any problems at all.

3.5 points

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