Wednesday 15 October 2014

Ego - Sistema (2014)

The fifth album from this Italian band. 

I have never really become friends with their releases. I am pretty sure the band are good guys, but their music is not exactly my cup of tea. It is more like my kind of cure against insomnia.

This is another instrumental album from this band. And we are nominally talking progressive rock and fusion here. Nominally. 

The music here is created with tonnes of keyboards, flutes, trombones, bass and drums. It is pretty dynamic and pretty funky throughout. The bass is really thundering along this road. How to describe this music ? A mix of fusion, electronica and cinematic music. Add a hint of avant-garde too and you get it.

I am not a big fan of this music. I am not finding any really good tracks here either. The music is dynamic enough and very contemporary anno 2014. I am not the fan of electronica either and I find this a pretty dull. It is not a turkey as it has some good points. But it is only worthy a decent rating.

2 points

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