Saturday 5 March 2016

Quiver - Gone In The Morning (1972)

The second and final Quiver album before they merged with the Sutherland Brothers and released five albums with them.

This band actually had a pretty big hit on their own with a song whose name escapes me. It is not a remarkable song either so I have forgotten it.

The band was a quartet on this album with a lineup of flutes, guitars, banjo, drums, bass and vocals.

Their self titled debut album was not bad at all. Decent half-progressive rock. But the band has moved on from that album and gone very country'n'western on this album.

This thirty-three minutes long album has been describes as a country-rock album in all the online reviews and archives websites/blogs. I would say they are leaning more towards country than rock. But there is also a very strong element of southern rock here. Not at least in the guitars.

So I would label this album as a mix of southern rock and country. Which is a wholesome US mix and made in USA. It cannot get more USA than this.

The music and sound is outdated by at least forty years. The music is not too bad though and fans of southern rock must not ignore this album. I am not a huge fan. The title track is a good track though.

This is a decent album which is not disgracing my record collection.  

2 points

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