Saturday 12 March 2016

Flight 09 - Human Nature (2005)

The third album from this Uzbek band.

Flight 09 is widely regarded as the first ever prog rock band from Uzbekistan, a country which has given us some other prog rock and fusion bands too. FromUz comes to mind.

Flight 09 is a trio with a lineup of guitars, bass, drums, keyboards and English vocals. The vocalist Igor Savitch sounds like Alice Cooper at times. Well, he sounds like Alice Cooper. Which is not my style.

The music here also reminds me about Alice Cooper. The music is somewhere between 1980s heavy metal and 1980s neo-prog. The sound is reasonable good.

There is songs here with so simple and cliches filled structures that it makes me cringe. There are also some half decent stuff here.

These fifty minutes is not good fifty minutes. My main gripe is that the music is simple and very much in the heavy metal tradition. Pretty much 3. rate heavy metal too.

Yes, there are some neo-prog here too. But this album is still a turkey and it has been included in my collection of turkeys. This is not an album for me or anyone who does not like the 1980s.

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