Sunday 13 March 2016

Patte. Indrek - Celebration (2011)

The debut album from this Estonian artist.

Although this is his debut solo album, Indrek Patte has been a vocalist and musician in the Estonian scene since the 1970s. That was when Estonia was a part of the Sovietunion and terror reigned over Estonia.

Indrek Patte has confessed to some prog magazines (no torture was involved) that he is a prog rock fan. Celebration is a prog rock album.

Indrek Patte does the vocals, guitars and keyboards here. He has got help from numerous other local musicians on woodwinds, bass, drums, flutes, vocals, guitars and keyboards. A bit of a thank you to this veteran musician, me would like to think. Maybe I am wrong.

The progressive rock here is of the most melodic variety. Think Genesis anno The Lambs... Think neo-prog too. The music is neither hard or particular symphonic. Indrek Patte's vocals are very good throughout and I am left in no doubts this is a great artist.

The music is gentle and good throughout. There is no big sparks of genious or greatness on this album. Just some very good handiwork which reminds me of Genesis.

A good, solid album it is.

3 points

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