Sunday 26 July 2015

Harmonic Heyday - The Willow Tea Shop (2011)

The debut album from this German band.

This album is a free download from Jamendo and that is how I got this. I rarely says no thanx to anything I get for free. Hence this review. 

I know next to nothing about this band. The vocals are in English and the vocalist is very, very limited in range. The vocals is sometimes off tune and similar to a hen who is on the run from a hungry fox. The vocalist is helped by keyboards, guitars, bass and drums. 

To say that the band is competent...... well, they are not. This album has got a punk'ish devil-may-care attitude. Which some may regard as charming. 

The music is psychedelic folk rock. I would almost say krautrock. Well, it is krautrock. Forget the electronics part of the krautrock scene. There is no electronica here. Just organic material. Besides of that; the krautrock is there.

The songs are not that good and I have already described the lack of competence of the musicians. This album is not a turkey. But it is close to being one. And I am glad I did not pay anything for it.

1.5 points  

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