Wednesday 29 July 2015

Cos - Postaeolian Train Robbery (1974)

The debut album from this Belgium based band.

I have had their albums for five years now before I have picked up enough courage to give them some spins and review them. 

Cos is a ten men & women big group with woodwinds, bass, drums, keyboards, guitars, male and female vocals. Mostly female vocals from the wonderful voice of Pascale Son.

This one hour long album starts out as a Canterbury jazz album before it changes to a zeuhl album. And this is what Cos is all about, from what I have been told. A mix of Canterbury jazz, avant-garde and zeuhl. Besides of Canterbury and zeuhl, there is also some funk and avant-garde here. Present springs to mind. 

The music is very playful throughout and it also has some great melodies and harmonies too. Not to mention; some great jazz piece and Pascale's vocals. That makes this a great album in my view. 

I really enjoy this album and I am looking forward to hearing and reviewing their other albums too.

4 points   

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