Saturday 16 February 2013

Roby Tav & Tiziana Radis - The Secret Wood Tales (2010)

A one of Italian project between those two musicians released through Black Widow Records. They sent me a promo copy and it should had been reviewed one year ago. I am lazy, should stay in bed....

This duo comes across as goths on the album art work. Their logo is also pretty gothic. The music on this forty-five minutes long album is a mix of folk, symph, new age and goth rock. I believe the goths are the main target for this album.

Roby Tav does a lot of instruments. All of them sampled, boxed and then unleashed from a keyboard. OK, the electric guitars is perhaps real. But not much else. Tiziana Radis deliver her vocals in both English and Italian. Mostly in English, though. Her vocals is great though. That is the positive thing about this album.

My main gripes is the lack of any really great tracks. There are not even any good tracks here. The music is a bit new-age gothic and in the airy-fairy mould. The goth guitars are destroying any good ambience in this music and gives this album a plastic fork & knife feeling. A foul taste, no less. Nevertheless, this is a decent album which will please the goths and those into airy-fairy stuff with a bit of an edge.

2 points

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