Monday 25 February 2013

Eclat - L'Esprit du Cercle (2012)

The fifth studio album from this French band.

Eclat's can be found somewhere between fusion and symphonic prog. The music is instrumental and they have carved out a pretty long career with their music.

The art of making interesting music in this fusion-symphonic prog genre is a difficult one. There is no focal point in the form of vocals in this music. It is difficult to not fall into the elevator/shopping mall music trap too. It is incredible difficult to come up with some great music in this genre. Very few bands has managed to do so.

Eclat is not one of these bands though. Their music is by all means good and easy on the ear. The music is performed with keyboards, guitars, bass and drums. This electric sound is the one everyone use and it is difficult to really carve out an own patch in this overcrowded scene. Eclat also fails to do that and they sounds like most other bands. Not too technical and not too new-age like. They are somewhere between the shopping mall and the jazz club. Some will label that "nowhere". Which is not entirely correct, though.

The music here is good. But really nothing more than that. It is an album which is easy to like and easy to forget. That is L'Esprit du Cercle in a nutshell, I am afraid.

3 points

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