Tuesday 26 February 2013

Carmen - The Gypsies (1975)

The third and final real Carmen album.

Carmen was an English band who combined English symph/folk prog with Spanish flamenco and folk music. Mostly on their first two albums though. The Gypsies are a much more rounded pop and folk rock album. It has the typical 1970s sound with a lot of male and female vocals. Mostly as choirs like vocals. The instruments are the typical guitars, keyboards, bass and drums. The sound is good an

The music is weering into pop/rock standards a lot though. What was then regarded as pop/rock, I have to add. There is a lot of Renaissance in their music.

 The title track is very good. The rest of the album too is good. It is on the bland side though and would only be recommended to those into the 1970s pop/rock sound. But overall; a good album.

3 points

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