Thursday 5 February 2015

Unto Us - The Human Landscape (2014)

The debut album from this UK band who feature the ex Also Eden vocalist Huw Lloyd-Jones.

That is really everything I know about their past and the band in general. More info can be found at their homepage. That also includes ordering informations.

I was not surprised to find out that the line up here was synth, guitars, bass, drums and Huw's great vocals. The music is neo-prog.... with a bit of a twist. 

The twist is that the band has tried to incorporate some jazz and metal. Both with reasonable success. This though is in essence a neo-prog album. There is nothing to be ashamed of here. Neo-prog is great if the songs are great. 

In this case, the music and this fifty minutes long album is bursting with promises which remains unfulfilled in this case. The songs are not great and that is my main gripe with this album. A good album by all means and one the band can be satisfied with. 

3 points 

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