Wednesday 4 February 2015

Universe - Universe (1977)

The first of two albums from this US band whose homepage can be found here

I don't know that much about this band & album so this review is based on what I hear from the speakers. The album is half an hour long. The lineup is keyboards, guitars, bass, drums and vocals. 

The music here is psychedelic rock with some krautrock too. Take a mix of West-Coast rock, hard southern rock, psychedelic prog and krautrock to be more precise. 

The music is pretty hard at times. It is also pretty catchy in the US way of catchy. It is very obvious that this is an US rock album. You get the 1970s US big arena rock sound here.

The songs are good throughout and I am close to naming this album as a hidden gem. It is indeed a hidden gem and I really like what I hear. Get this if US rock is something you like.

3 points 

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