Monday, 21 January 2013

Golden Void - Golden Void (2012)

We are in the middle of a retro doom/sludge,  psychedelic space rock and heavy prog scene at the moment and this, the debut album from this US west coast band fits very nicely into that scene.

Take good old Black Sabbath, remove Tony Iommi's most crunching heavy riffs and add some melodic flower power psychedelic rock to the mix. Then you get this album. This band is from San Fransisco and those influences can be heard too. The sound is a good retro sound and not particular dirty. It is pretty light and so is the music. The emphasis is on the balance between heavy,  psychedelic and melodic.

The instruments used are guitars, bass, drums, some very good vocals and a generous helping of Hammond organs. There is no real great songs here. Despite of that, this is an album which should put Golden Void on the map and should really please the fans of retro psychedelic space rock. I have knotted down this band in my notebook of talents to follow and will very much keep an eye on them. The band is very active on the live scene so catch up with them if they comes your way.

3 points   

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